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Dear athletes / parents, We are pleased to inform you that on 2nd May 2012 the Academy will move to new privately owned facilities that are located in Pano Polemidia, Lapithos Street No.4, next to the old people's home "Vasiliada".

The new Academy is specifically designed following European specifications.

Our academy, "The Martial Arts Academy" is recognized by the Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) and is a founding member of the "Cyprus Aikido Federation" who is registered with the CSO and is a member of the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC).

The new facilities will be used by the National Aikido Team for training, many of whom are athletes of our Academy.

Sincerely, For the Martial Arts Academy and the Cyprus Aikido Federation

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Cyprus Aikido Federation (C.A.F.) officially recognized by the Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA).

The C.A.F. is a non-profit sports organization whose goals are the promotion of the Aikido discipline on both local and international level, the induction of community members of all ages to lead healthier lives through the practice of Aikido, the education of the community on the benefits of Aikido and the provision of quality seminars and demonstrations to connect enthusiasts and practitioners from around the world and promote Cyprus as an international sports venue center.

Traditional Aikido was developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. It is an effective discipline for the development, integration and utilisation of all man's powers, both physical and mental (spiritual).

Aikido means method or way (do), harmony (ai) of mental energy or spirit (ki).

The discipline of Aikido has been established in Cyprus for almost a decade. It was first introduced by Sensei Agis Agisilaou, the Chief Instructor of the Martial Arts Academy, and the Coach of the National Aikido Team, who has managed with ongoing, extensive campaigns and personal sacrifice to elevate it to its present level.

Aikido is basically a Japanese art of self defense and is used successfully by the Armed Forces, the Police and other similar services in Japan and in many other countries. Aikido is also very popular among women and children, because it is the most effective method of self defense since it does not require great muscular strength.

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